Can Jamie conjure up four yeses? | Audition Week 2 | Britain’s Got Talent 2015

We’ve no idea how he does it, but 31-year-old Jamie Raven has everyone mesmerised with his clever conjuring act. After presenting the Judges with special BGT £50 notes, it’s time to see what other tricks the magician has up his sleeve.
Even Simon is won over: “I now actually believe in magic, like some people believe in ghosts!”
Published on 18 Apr 2015

Can Jamie Raven ace the final? | Grand Final | Britain’s Got Talent 2015

Magician Jamie Raven conjured up a helicopter to win his semi-final. He goes back to his roots for a magical performance in the final, but will it end on a sour note?
Published on 31 May 2015

Bruce’s Hall of Fame BBC1

Sir Bruce Forsyth Hall of Fame
Saturday night entertainment comes to life as some of our best-loved entertainers take to the stage to celebrate the artists who inspired their careers. Featuring Catherine Tate, Beverley Knight, Shona McGarty, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia, Jamie Raven and Katherine Ryan.
Published on 2 Jan 2016

Jamie Raven – The Real Secrets Behind his Magic

The secrets to Jamie Raven’s magic correctly revealed for the first time…
Published on 21 Aug 2015

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