Magic Consultant

Magic has been my passion for 25 years of which I have been performing professionally for 16 of those. It has been an incredible journey that has taken me to meet people, visit places and experience parts of the world that as I child I could never have imagined.

I started out my professional career as a close-up magician performing at private and corporate events, before moving into the world of cabaret, stage, television and touring.

I am a Member of The Inner Magic Circle (Gold Star) and went from performing an average of 20 private/corporate functions a month, into the world of Britain’s Got Talent, performing live on television in front of 15 million people, finishing runner up and “Top Human”. From there, I have been on television countless times, headlined “The Illusionists” at the Shaftesbury Theatre which broke the box office record, and did the same again in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I have taken my own show on tour 4 times across more than 100 theatres in the UK, and performed in over 30 other countries. I have performed on the biggest Cruise ships in the world, have consulted on and designed illusions for theatrical productions, created a range of magic sets that are on sale in Sainsburys, Harrods, as well as hundreds of other retailers. I have been interviewed hundreds of times on television, radio and for print, and have performed tricks for all of these. I have used magic to launch products, Cars and Hollywood Movies, have advised on and created magic for corporate videos both motivational and to sell. I have been an expert panellist on Sky and BBC News and my online performances have been watched over half a billion times. I have performed for numerous celebrities, heads of state and royalty. The highlight though without any doubt, was when thy featured my BGT audition on Goggle-box 😊

This is my unique journey that has got me to where I am today and the experience which I can call upon when consulting on any and all Magical Projects.

Whether you are:

  • Considering Britain’s Got Talent or any other competition, and wanting advice on how it works and what material is best for you
  • Looking to improve your act
  • Wanting to get more work
  • A close-up performer looking to move into stand-up/cabaret/theatre
  • A stage performer looking to incorporate close up into your show
  • Writing a script
  • Putting an act together for a live show, television, stage, examination or competition
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Wondering how to prepare for performance properly
  • Appearing on radio / television / or in print and want advice on what to say, what not to say and tricks you can perform.
  • Blocking (how you will move around the stage to maximise efficiency and effect) routines
  • Needing assistance with how an act will look, ie. staging/lighting/sound
  • Bringing magical effects into a theatrical production
  • Creating bespoke effects for a show, product or company.
  • Launching a brand, product or service and all that comes with.
  • Performing on live tv – what tricks do and don’t work
  • Filming pre-recorded tricks for television or any other project
  • Putting on your own show/tour and all that comes with it
  • Looking for advice on management, agents and promoters
  • Seeking advice on Trade shows and exhibitions, performing and personalised products, giveaways and how to make more profit on these.
  • Looking to perform on a Cruise ship and how to write an act for this, that is easy to travel, and more so, set up when you get to a room and have never met any of the technicians before

I can help, because I’ve been there, and I’ve done it. If you happen to be seeking advice on anything that I haven’t experienced personally, I will know somebody who has 😊

Magic is part of “Showbusiness” and you have to be good at both the “show” and the “business”. I’ve seen and done a lot, experienced the good and the bad, and now feel the time is right to share my experience, knowledge and skill set.

If you would like to get in touch, have a chat, or arrange a consultation, just drop me a line to – [email protected]

If not and you just happen to see me out and about, at a show, or at a convention, just come and say hi 😊

Until next time.Jamie

What they say:

“Your magic is quite simply, breath-taking!! Your star is destined to shine for a very, very long time”

HRH Prince Charles

“I now actually believe in Magic !!!”

Simon Cowell

“Throw him off the fu$%ing Plane”

Sir Richard Branson

“Mr Raven, I am in awe of your greatness!!”

Ian Wright

 “Jamie Raven is disarming and ingenious”

The Times Of London

“His magic is liquid gold”

Time Out

“His tricks have a twist at the end to bamboozle even the most cynical and seen-it-all crowds”

The Stage

“He has an ability to turn fake money into real that the governor of the Bank of England would envy”

The Guardian