• Performed in over 25 Countries

  • Invited to attend more than 2000 events

  • Witnessed by over 300 Million people worldwide

Jamie Raven is a Professional Magician & Mind Reader based in London who was unanimously voted into the world famous Magic Circle at the first attempt. His performances which include an appearance at Buckingham Palace as part of the Queens 80th Birthday Celebrations have seen him invited to perform for some of the most high profile companies and individuals in the world.

Although performing predominantley on Stage (Cabaret / After Dinner) he is just at home mingling with guests during a drinks reception or while they are sat comfortably at tables during the courses of a meal.

Corporate Performances include trade shows, exhibitions, product launches and functions of numerous kinds for some of the biggest and most successful companies in operation today (see quotes, clients & venues)

Privately he has been asked to perform for and alongside international selling music artists, at the weddings of Premiership footballers, at parties thrown by the stars of the stage and screen, for Olympic medalists, and can be seen regularly performing for some of the most successful individuals in the world at their private residencies in the area of West London in which he currently resides.

His style of modern and contemporary deception combines classic traditional expertise with an infectious sense of humour. The emphasis is never on trying to fool or embarrass any body, but rather bringing them along for a brief tour of the exciting world in which he operates. Where £5 notes changing into £50, full bottles of wine pushed through tables, borrowed items vanish and re-appear at will and demonstrations of why you should NEVER play cards with a stranger are every day occurrences.

He is one of very few magicians in the world specialising in this area of conjuring who can also offer you more psychological based illusion or “Mind Reading” at the same time. Using a variety of techniques to predict, suggest and control behaviour in order to achieve the apparently impossible. Recreating a drawing that somebody has made without seeing it, telling somebody their banking PIN Number, their Mothers maiden name, or guessing correctly the outcomes of decisions that are yet to be made amongst other effects.

Please feel free to browse around having a look at the different services that Jamie can offer for different events. You can also see whom Jamie has worked for in the past and what those that have witnessed his performances thought of what they saw.

Although based in London, Jamie travels all over the UK and indeed the world to perform. To make a booking or an enquiry, please feel free to call, send an email, or fill out the form on the contact page anytime at your convenience.